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Happy Sunday!

What a beautiful day it is here. Yesterday was cold and a bit rainy, a good day to stay home and drink tea. I was cold down to the core all day; not sure why. My toes felt frostbitten. I kept putting on more and more layers, drinking more hot tea, finding the sunny spots in the house, thinking about all of the things I needed to go work on, and I kept not working on any of them. Really, I don’t have a thing to show for my day yesterday. But this, I have finally come to realize, is important. The time outs are how we rejuvenate.
Oh, but I just remembered that I do have something to show for my night lastnight: I had pizza and beer! It was so good. I have been craving pizza for weeks now, and finally got it. And somehow the feeling of an ice cold beer going down inside is priceless.

So today I am feeling well-rested, energized, and a bit warmer inside! I went to yoga this morning, and it was a tough class; not sure if it was the pizza and beer, or skipping class yesterday, but it was a toughie. But, as I’ve said before, challenges are good. It’s the challenging times that make us grow. If everything in life was easy, think how boring it all would be!

So I want to share this fun opportunity with ya’ll. Those of you who know me well know that I am very fond of the jewelry of Jeanine Payer. See?
Part of My Jeanine Payer collection
She engraves literary quotations into silver and gold jewelry. There is something very special, in my mind, about wearing words that are dear to you right against your skin. The jewelry designs themselves are classic and subtle; it is jewelry that you wear for your own personal meaning, not jewelry that you wear to get noticed. So Jeanine Payer is having a contest in honor of National Poetry Month. You submit your favorite line of poetry, and if your submission is chosen, you win a piece of her jewelry with your favorite poetry engraved on it. Entries will be accepted until April 7. So give it a shot. You don’t have anything to loose, and you have a lot to win! I have lots of “candidates” for my submission, but I haven’t decided which one is the winner for me. It’s been fun making a list of my favorites, though.

I’m off to do a bit of computer work and pour a few resin pieces. Enjoy your Sunday evening. Back to the workweek tomorrow!

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Posted in Uncategorized by Carter : March 30, 2008 - 8:38pm

And the winner is….


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Posted in Uncategorized by Carter : March 28, 2008 - 4:20pm

Inspiration and happy memories all around me

You know when you get those warm fuzzy feelings? When something happens that takes you back to your youth, when you get a good idea that makes the brain buzz, when you hear a piece of advice that makes you change the way you look at things, when you taste a bite of food that sooths the soul? There are lots of different experiences that give me that warm fuzzy, and I am thankful today (or the past few days) for many such experiences.

First let’s start with an Asian Market here called 99 Ranch Market. They have the most amazing produce at the most amazing prices. As my Dad said, having a market like this nearby is one of the “pros” of living in CA. I want to move into this place and do nothing but eat fruit for the rest of my life. Aveesh got me some little mini plums that you can just pop in your mouth, and some green Guavas last weekend. And I was so enthused with both that I needed to go check this place out for myself. So I did. And on the way in, there is a little Asian gift market. And in the window they had a whole series of these toys called Manchichi. Now this might not mean anything to you. But it made my heart skip a beat. For I had a toy when I was a little girl, who I named Thumky (the root of this name is from the words thumb- the digit on your hand, and monkey- my favorite animal- put together). He had this name because he had a banana in his hand that would pop into his mouth, and it looked like he was sucking his thumb. I was a big thumb-sucker, so I guess the whole idea of Thumky having something in his mouth was appealing to me. So Thumky was one of my best pals. And apparently Thumky was made by this Monchichi company, because I could swear it was Thumky in the window of this little shop. What a flutter I had in my tummy. How it took me back to being three years old, carrying around this little ragged brown monkey-like toy with a banana in his hand. It was like seeing an old friend who you thought you’d never see again. It reminded me that life is really so simple, and happiness can always be found in the little things. How the world seemed like such a magical place.
Monchichi 2
I think Thumky is still with us somewhere, in a bag, packed away in a closet. My Mom was pretty good about saving these things. But his memory and his magic live on in a not so-little girl’s mind.

So aside from seeing Thumky again, we got lots of yummy things at 99 Ranch Market. I am cooking up a Thai Basil dish right now, and a homemade green mango salad is chilling in the fridge. I’ll share some pics tomorrow!

Second on my list of inspiration to share is something that might seem silly to some of you. But it is something that crossed my mind, and it’s so simple and so true, that I wanted to share. As an artist, I am constantly drinking in my environment. There is no pattern, no color combination, nothing that passes by me without being noticed by the creative eye inside of me. So when we were eating lunch at Lagosia (a really yummy new South African restaurant here in Berkeley on University Ave…try it!) the other day, I ordered an Orange Fanta. I wouldn’t normally do such a thing, but all of this Yoga really has my system doing strange things. I saw the Fanta on the menu, it sounded good, so I ordered one. As I was taking my first sip, I looked at the vibrant colors gleaming up from my arm and the glass:
Color Inspiration
And I thought, “How beautiful is this?” And I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture so I could share this with you. See? Again, it’s the simple things in life. I am thankful that I took the time to register this beauty, to relish in it, and to pass it along to you. And enjoy the Fanta ;)

And lastly, I want to share with you some words that my Yoga teacher shared with us in class this morning. It was the first time I’d had class with Mel at Funky Door Yoga, and I really liked her teaching and her attitude.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Carter : March 26, 2008 - 10:01pm

It’s Tuesday

Hi there-
It’s Tuesday, nothing much to report around here.

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Happy Spring! How about a little giveaway to celebrate?

Ah, Spring! I love it! Today is

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Random ramblings

I don’t have anything jewelry-related to post today.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Carter : March 19, 2008 - 12:27pm

In the limelight again!

Yes, I am on a vacation of sorts, but you don’t think I could really take a whole 3 days away from a computer, do you?!

I tried, but I had to share this exciting news with you.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Carter : March 16, 2008 - 12:21am

My work now at ACCI, and LA here I come!

I delivered a bunch of work today to ACCI Gallery here in Berkeley.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Carter : March 13, 2008 - 12:06am

The evolution of things

It’s been quite a process, but I think I have arrived (creatively speaking) right where I want to be.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Carter : March 10, 2008 - 11:17pm

Well I made it through the weekend and I am officially pooped.

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